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Weekly meetings

Would you like to know more about the eidos weekly meetings? Please contact Martin Glazier or Giovanni Merlo.

Visit us

eidos welcomes expressions of interest in visiting the group.

If visiting scholars do not have access to funding from the university or the country of origin, they may consider that private and public Swiss grants are available for foreign academics. Here are some examples :

  1. Switzerland has the status of an "associate country" in the EU's Maria Skłodowska-Curie actions. This means that people can visit eidos as part of a European Fellowship under this funding scheme;
  2. The Swiss National Science Foundation has a funding scheme dedicated to fund international short visits of internationally recognized experts in any field called Scientific Exchanges;
  3. The Swiss Government awards various postgraduate scholarships called “Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars”;
  4. ThinkSwiss offers exchange programs for Canadian and US students.